Our History, Mission, and Vision

ITFBOX started in early 2003 as ITF-Inc and was renamed ITFBOX in 2010. ITFBOX has been in business serving small businesses for over a decade. We expanded our skills from websites to photography, video, and animation in 2007.

ITFBOX was started by the efforts of one programmer in Florida, with the belief that learning comes from helping others. The success of this intention has now expanded to Texas and Illinois with a team of specialists in design, editing, and photography. We pride ourselves in being a dedicated team of enthusiasts coming together to create beautiful applications.



We are here to connect people to the world and build lasting relationships through our Intuitive, Trendy, and Fresh applications.

When ITFBOX was created, its sole intention was to help local small business owners obtain affordable websites that were professionally made and worked with efficiency. In addition to helping local business owners, we understand there are many in this world who volunteer themselves for the good cause of others and extend our services further to non-profits.



The foundation and success of ITFBOX has and always will be based on education and connection. We believe that everyone has a voice and presence. Everyone needs community and connection. Education and knowledge are powerful tools for the student, artist, and individual. To share our knowledge and voice it is the future.

It is important to equip those with the resources and environment for learning and sharing. What better way to achieve this than through a credible website? Your voice, art, thoughts, presence, and to be a light to the world. We are more than happy to provide our resources to those who need them.

Our motivation is simple: Share openly.